Super Abrasives Engineering Pte Ltd is your partner in total manufacturing solutions. We provide a solid grounding in industry wisdom and practice with a good precision engineering background. Coupled with a high level of innovation, in-depth information, advice and services, our customers will gain a competitive advantage utilising the latest state of the art technology and equipment.

We take only the best, and then we add on to it.

Since 1986, we have been partnering with leading European machine and tool manufacturers to bring the best of precision machine & manufacturing technologies. Our aim is to help our customers optimise their operations. When it comes to finding the perfect solution for precision machining and engineering problems, we listen carefully to their requirements, analyse the situation, determine the problem, and come up with a creative, practical, and economical solution that incorporates the best technology, process and equipment.

Giving you the advantage.

Employing intelligent selection of appropriate technology and good system design, our turnkey expertise and capabilities ensure the successful integration of machinery into your existing or new production processes.

We are always game to test new theories and go the extra mile to achieve better results. If a tool or a piece of equipment is not available for your specific needs, or a more effective machining process is needed, we’ll work with out partners to devise a tool, machine or process that works for you.

To ensure that our customers achieve a comprehensive solution, we provide consultancy and other support services to help customers maintain, service and condition their machines and tools conveniently and economically.

We are here to answer your questions, clear your doubts, and help you with anything you might need to know about the precision machining industry and the latest tools and technology.

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