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Diamond Grinding Wheels

Diamond’s incomparable hardness and resistance to wear makes it excellent for machining hard, brittle and short-chipping materials such as carbide, glass, ferrites, GFRPs, ceramics and composites. With proper grinding parameters, diamond wheels produce lower wear event at high material removal rates, thus retaining a sharp cutting edge and more readily achieving accurate shapes and dimensions. Grinding wheels are available in a wide selection of standard grit sizes and dimensions, and we also offer custom solutions.

CBN Grinding Wheels

cBN is exceeded in hardness only by diamond. As cBN remains stable under extreme temperatures of up to 1000°C, it has an advantage over diamond in the machining of hardened materials. Like diamond, cBN wheels produce lower wear, making it easier to achieve required shapes, dimensions and surface tolerances especially in the grinding of “exotic” materials like Inconel, Nimonic, and heat-resistant alloys. Grinding wheels are available in a wide selection of standard grit sizes and dimensions, and we also offer custom solutions.

Diamond Dressers

Diamond roller dressers, diamond form dressers, and stationary diamond dressers are some of the tools used to keep grinding wheels in good form and precise shape. They are used for small batches, as well as for a mass production lot, and have been successfully applied in transport, hydraulics, tool making, and bearings industries.

Conventional Abrasives

In cases where the use of superabrasives grinding wheels is not economical, conventional abrasives like silicon carbide and sintered alumina would still produce high precision and consistent quality, when used with appropriate machines and parameters. Wheels with different types of bonding are available for wide-ranging functions, including highly porous grinding devices for “creep feed grinding”.

Finishing Tools

Burs, foils, files, honing sticks, handlappers and powders are some of the tools employed in finishing processes. Electroplated resin and metal bonded diamond finishing tools for hand and machine use are available, standard or customised. Lapping and polishing by diamond grits suspended in paste or liquid are also used for industrial and laboratory applications.

Rotary Cutting Tools

For drilling, milling, threading, reaming and countersinking operations to performs with speed and precision and yield consistent quality, the cutting edge geometry, material and coating of the cutting tool must be carefully specified and selected to match the machining process, desired configuration and material composition of the work piece itself. We offer an extensive range of high-performance rotary cutting tools in carbide, HSS and superhard materials, featuring optimal cutting edge geometries and tool materials for different machining operations. Special tools can also be tailored to the specific requirements of an application to deliver faster cycle times, better hole quality, and lower cost.

Turnkey Solutions | FIVES (Cincinnati, Giddings & Lewis, Forest-Liné)

Fives offers comprehensive lines of equipment and technologies, which is able to optimise production of event he most demanding applications with capacity to handle large or heavy parts, accuracy to meet the exacting tolerances, power for heavy cuts and hard materials, versatility for parts with complex geometries and speed needed in the fast-paced manufacturing environment.

Metal Cutting | Composites
• High-precision machine tools, high-speed machining centers and complete manufacturing solutions
• High-performance composite processing systems
• High-power laser welding systems
• Pioneering additive manufacturing solutions

High Performance Solutions
• Horizontal boring mills (table type / floor type)
• Vertical turning centers
• Mill/turn machining centers
• Gantry and portal mills
• Vertical spindle profilers
• Multi-spindle profilers
• Integrated contouring heads

Turnkey Solutions | SCHMID

Specialists in designing custom machines and production lines resulting in the latest assembly technology.

Special Purpose Machines & Turnkey Systems
• Cylinder blocks & heads
• Crankshaft
• Camshaft
• Connecting rods (fracturing and assembly)
• Bearing, compressor components, crank cases, pump housing
• Transmission, clutch and converter housing, CV joints

Automation Systems
• Assembly systems & lines
• Fixtures
• Handling technology
• Automation technology
• Linkage equipment
• Screw fastening technology
• Engineering & electrotechnics

Turnkey Solutions | FEUER

Feuer manufactures cast and forged crankshafts for passenger car, industrial motor, ATV and agricultural machinery applications. Highly automated and fexible production lines produce crankshafts from an R&D stage, right up till production volume in various material specifications.

Turnkey Solutions | SCHOLZ

With approximately 50 years of experience, Scholz develops, designs, and fabricates complete autoclave systems for the thermal treatment of components for the following industries:
• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Oil & gas
• Glass
• Building materials
• Food processing

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